Design and realization of Christmas windows for Hermes boutique in Pařížská street in Prague.

The main inspiration came from the joinery workshop, which we are quite close to, and in relation to Christmas it is a place where wishes can really come true.

In the four windows of the Hermes boutique, we have created peeks into the corners of an abandoned workshop where miracles happen behind closed doors. At first glance, the scenes represent a joiner’s ponk, a circular lathe, a lathe or a paint shop. At second look, the windows may seem to resemble a landscape – a valley by a waterfall, a hilly landscape or the colourful rooftops of cities. Complemented by details in the form of personified hand-painted trees or flying wood shavings and festive confetti. All set against a marquetry background wood that thematically illustrates the scene.

We placed great emphasis on the materials and finishes used. In our windows you can see ash, oak, pine, cherry or pear wood, plywood and stainless steel.

realization winter 2022

Fotografie Honza Zima

It’s evening, the lights are out in the workshop. The sound of the last click of the lock marks the time when things change, come to life and go on their way. The fallen shavings become a mountainous landscape after a day’s work. Scraps of board material form paths lined with forests of turned toys. The workbench becomes a valley and the drying room a city where freshly painted roofs dry…

Is this a workshop or a landscape? For some, we are in the familiar corner of every workshop where shavings fly through the air and for others we are in a hilly landscape of adventures and fun.

An abandoned ponk, a place where miracles often begin. We see a planer working the material, with splinters flying out all around. But what if everything is different and we are deep in the mountains, by a waterfall, with water gurgling all around us?