Yage Organics

Presentation stand designed for the Czech natural cosmetics brand Yage Organics in 2020.

The installation is inspired by the connection of the brand with nature and the Indian tribes of the Kofans. So it might seem, and not by chance, that you can see a pattern resembling a mask from rattan shapes from a certain angle. For us, the mask symbolized not only the classic decoration of the faces of Native American tribes, but also a symbol for beauty and skin care.

2×2 meters variant | 3×2 meters variant

We designed the stand for the presentation purposes of the brand, so that it can be transported and reassembled at various events. It can therefore be folded into a variant of two by two meters, three by two meters or three by three meters. For a smaller presentation, the parts can also be used to create a screen. The position of rattan shapes can be changed, so the mask that the viewer discovers can always be a little different.

2×3 meters variant
Le Market Prague 2020 relaziation
Le Market Prague 2020 realization