Líčírna Organics

As part of th ELLEphoria beauty festival, we designed a presentation stand for the Czech brand of organic decorative cosmetics Líčírna Organics.

The 9 square metre stand includes three spots for make-up artists, an exhibition area for cosmetic brands and a storage area.

We focused on designing a parallelogram-shaped pedestal and table system that allows many combinations of parts to be put together. The stand layout is therefore not fixed, but the client has the possibility to react to current events and change the stand in the future. The individual parts therefore work nicely both within a presentation stand with many possible layouts, but also independently as pop ups.

year of realization 2022

Presentation layout I. – depicting spots on the left side, central display of products
possible combinations of parts
Presentation layout II – central make-up spots, product display on the left side