L&S DSC upravena

The window we created for the traditional jewellery shop Karat in Brno as part of The window of the year Project.


The Window of the Year, Karat


winter 2020

L&S the old dark wooden boards cracked black wood texture
L&S Untitled
L&S DSC upravena

Human hands looking at and trying on jewellery cast dark shadows on the counter. These shadows became our main inspiration. We bring them into the window using video projection, creating the illusion of shadowy hands reaching lustfully for jewellery in a dreamscape.

Hands are our means of communication, knowledge and creation. It is handwork that makes the creation of traditional Karat jewellery possible.

L&S DSC upravena
L&S Vyloha roku Karat klenoty Lexova Smetana
L&S Vyloha roku Karat klenoty Lexova Smetana


David Korsa