A Detailist. Always with some idea at hand, technological mastermind of each project.

Nowadays, Štěpán also works as an assistant in the Glass Studio, at the Faculty of Art and Design, UJEP.

BcA. Štěpán Smetana

2017 – 2019
2011 – 2017

2006 – 2010

Studio of Product Design, UMPRUM, Prague
Studio of Architecture I., UMPRUM, Prague, leader of the studio Jindřich Smetana, David Kraus, Jakub Fišer a Jan Šépka
Scenography, Secondary Technical School of Applied Arts SUPŠ, Prague









Designblok 2021, winner, Best New Product by a Designer, Swell
Designblok 2020, nominee, Best New Product by a Designer, Infinite
Elle Decoration Design Award, EDIDA, nominee, Young Talent, Mirror stage
Czech Grand Design, nominee, Discovery of the Year, Mirror stage
Designblok 2018, winner, The best collection of interior accessories, Mirror stage
Biennial of Student Design, winner, Rector’s Prize of VŠVU in Bratislava, SK
Czech Grand Design, nominee, Discovery of the Year, Beginning in cooperation with Sebastianem Kitzbergerem
RIBA President´s Medal, nominee for Bronze Medal, Animal Stock Exchange



The project Statics was created as a bachelor thesis at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. It deals with the role of the side table as a sculpture in the contemporary interior. It attempts to explore the development of conceptual design in current design processes. It asks frequently unspoken questions with the intention of finding its own story in the final object. A story of animality and the power of leather, which is the primary impulse for creating an interior accessory.

photography Agnes Willow and Jakub Delibalta

It abandons the aesthetic and haptic properties of this material and focuses on its physical properties like protection, strengthening or contraction. With the help of the leather, it is attempted to tame the mass of stone as a living organism. Feelings of fragility and imbalance, when individual elements are unable to function without each other, they are essential moments of the creation of life.

These principles of the Statics object materializes through static models, demonstrated by elementary shapes and materials that emphasize their tectonics. It intentionally works with natural materials subject to aging, an essential characteristic of the desired durability and fragility of the Statics project.


collaboration Sebastian Kitzberger

Symbiotic interdisciplinary cooperation reflects both a glassmaking art concept and craft and ideas characteristic for an architectonic way of thinking. Among other sources of inspiration for the Beginning Light series, there is morphology of streetlamps which usually have a simple geometric style. These lamps are no less frequently found in the streets of Czech towns than the above mentioned shapes on the walls of the buildings these lights often illuminate. The Beginning Light Project unifies both deeply-rooted cultural and artistic traditions related to the glassmaking industry and contemporary
“non-culture” manifestations.

photography Tomáš Slavík

Still life

collaboration Sebastian Kitzberger

Blown glass into the fruits of the nature caused creating products living their second lives, not as prints of nature, but of their souls. Glass objects Still life arose from experiments with glass.

photography Tomáš Slavík

Unlike previous Beginning collection, where the shape was defined from beginning to end by human intervention, this project aim to the opposite approach how to work with the glass. Wooden mold and sketchbook was replaced with perfect shapes designed by nature.