Líčírna Organics

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Design of a presentation stand for the Czech decorative cosmetics brand Líčírna Organics, created as part of the ELLEphoria beauty festival.


Líčírna Organics s. r. o.



L&S vizu
L&S líčírna instalace s lidma

The 9-square-metre stand includes three spots for make-up artists, an exhibition area for cosmetic brands and a storage area.

L&S vizu
L&S set ups
L&S líčírna instalace setup s člověkem
L&S líčírna instalace

For the Líčírna Organics, a parallelogram-shaped system of pedestals and racks was designed, which allows many combinations of assembling the parts together. The layout of the stand is therefore not fixed, but the client has the opportunity to react to current situations and work with the stand in the future. The individual parts work nicely both as part of a presentation stand with many possible layouts and also independently as pop ups.


Anna Pleslová