Mirror Stage

L&S smetanalexova

Interior mirrors Mirror Stage, the assemblage of arms, legs and surfaces. The liberation of the mirror into the space where it lives its own life.


Czech Grand Design Awards Nominee 2018
Ceny Designbloku Winner 2018
Elle Deco Nominee 2019



L&S smetanalexova
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L&S smetanalexova
L&S smetanalexova
L&S smetanalexova final

Are you familiar with the children’s games of
recognising one’s self in front of a mirror?

Becoming aware of one’s own Self for the first time. From this moment we have been searching for a coherent image of one’s self. We have identified ourselves with a vision of someone more capable and more complete. Thus begins our journey from the imaginary space of mirroring, where our Self and our identity come into existence, across the symbolic space, the impersonal sphere of society where we accept our position. The position constituting a very significant part of what we call reality.

Let us relive it. Find out who you are.

L&S smetanalexova
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“Both of us were thinking about creating mirrors
before, so the choice was simple. Out of a simple decisions became a challenging project, how to push further a mirror which surround us for every day and find a dignified role, the role of partner, not the servant trapped on the wall. From our point of view, the mirror is an automatic part of the equipment of most households, in many cases just standing aside and perceived as a reality-reflecting surface. We wanted to liberate the mirror, thanks to the feet let it go into a space where it would give us the opportunity to perceive reality through its colored glass in a different way.”




Folding system of bent tubes, allowing a flatpack delivery.


Steel construction, polyurethane coating, tinted mirrors in bronze, mint and gray.

Product is available for sale, please contact us.


Tomáš Slavík


Simona Koutná